A letter to you…

Chaos. That's right. Chaos is what my life seems right now. Chaos is what I feel. Chaos is what I see. Chaos is what I think I know. Not catching up? I'll enlighten you. Remember the first time I talked to you? More like apologised for the actions of my friends. The next time we... Continue Reading →

21 things I’m not sorry for.

I'm not sorry for worrying unnecessarily. I tend to over think things, which leads me to worry. I worry about worrying. I'm not sorry for choosing books over movies. I love movies, but I want to know what the character is thinking. What she knows. I want to smell the pages. I want to curl... Continue Reading →


  The ‘Angel’ series consists of three books – Angel, Angel Fire, and Angel Fever. It revolves around a girl named Willow Fields, who has psychic powers. As she explores her powers, she finds that she is a half angel. In a world that is angel-frenzy and everyone worships the angels, being a half angel... Continue Reading →

It Gets Worse.

I borrowed this book from my friend solely because I've seen a couple of videos of Shane Dawson on YouTube. I was sort of accustomed to his kind of humour, so I thought it would not be a bad idea to know more about him. I didn't even bother to read the back page of... Continue Reading →

A Work In Progress.

Have you heard about a YouTuber called Connor Franta? I was obsessed with him for a while in 9th grade, but that phase faded out real soon. I recently stumbled upon his book at Comic Con, at one of these stalls my friend discovered. I always wanted to know more about this encouragement of mine,... Continue Reading →

A Tale Of Two Cities

    The first time I picked up this book, I was probably in 9th grade. I read the first page, got bored, and left the book; typical of any teenager. After about 3 years, while at the mall with my friends, I saw the book again. Pretty cover, pink and all. I picked it... Continue Reading →

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